I thought you deserved a written thank you for your work at the MRA’s Midland Workshops Site recently. Pressure Force did an outstanding job, especially given the difficult and sometimes hazardous conditions that the site presented.

Your attention to detail, displayed by the quality of your company’s workmanship and the hazard/risk management was exceptional. Our heritage listed buildings are now the cleanest I had ever seen...the difference is amazing!

Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority

Matthew Cochrane - Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority

Andrew @ Pressure Force has been a catalyst in the initial early stages of our business launch. The experience and vast knowledge that he has and operates in is exceptional.

I appreciate the eye for detail, business operation ethics and down to earth values he exhibits. Not only is Pressure Force a leading company in Perth, they are considered to us as "the best" that we have had the pleasure to work alongside!

Express Blasters

Caroline Davis - Express Blasters

Just before moving into a new warehouse we called in Pressure Force to clean the place from floor to ceiling.

The guys responded with less than a weeks notice and did an outstanding job. We have since engaged them to provide a regular cleaning service. I highly recommend them.

Super A Mart

Mark Chapman - Super A Mart

Andrew, just want to thank you very much for your job pressure cleaning all the pathways, driveway, garage, pavers and external part of the house.

We appreciated that you were extremely timely and thorough in completing the job. It has bought the house up to an extremely high standard again at a reasonable rate.

Peter - Salter Point

We were going to put our house on the market for sale so we thought we would clean the exterior of the house. We had a home open coming up, Pressure Force arrived on time and pressured cleaned the exterior of the house and all the front and rear paving.

The place looked great it really did make the presentation of the house spot on and there was no mess afterwards which was a concern we both had. Great job Andrew and the team at Pressure Force. PS. And we sold the house!

Geoff & Tania H. - South Perth

Our poured limestone was going very black and mouldy, it was looking really bad especially around the pool.

We called Pressure Force and they cleaned all the limestone paving, it came up white again and looking new. Andrew suggested that I seal my paving to prevent it and keep it looking good. After taking Andrew’s advice & sealing the paving it still looks great after 3 years. Great job guys!

Michael Pales - Peppermint Grove